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Mar 7 2013


Los Angeles, CA, USA

"Making Life Better For Artists" (on ongoing project)

GYSTInk/Getting Your Sh*t Together is an international artist project by Karen Atkinson who works with the GYST Team to create resources and information for artists. We create a provide free information on all things artists should know about carceers, ethics, DIY, and more, as well as a publication on professional practices for artists, and software to keep track of just about everything in your art life.

Services we provide are consulting, scanning images, digitizing cassettes and VHS tapes, documenting your work or fabrication (in LA), video editing, websites for artists, workshops and lectures, data entry, a blog, four LinkedIn Groups, and more.

We only hire artists, and train them to run their own businesses, providing a place for artists to create the means of their own production. GYSTInk was officially founded in 2005 (but began in 2000), and has been adding and fine tuning our resources and information since.

We believe that creating this new model where artists get paid, artists get help they need, and artists learn how to have a career on their own terms is an activist project in itself. Making information free, providing software at a reasonable cost (for what it does) and creating publications that help artists is a full circle organization/business model that can change the way artists work.

Check out our website for additional information and resources.

Inquiries are welcome, but please be patient.

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