Ghost Forrest Installation Favorite 



Jun 8 2020


Madison Square Park

From an Art Net News Article: ""The installation is called Ghost Forest, a term used to describe vast acreages of woodland that have died out–often due to rising sea tides, which overwhelm forests near estuaries with saltwater, choking out their ability to get nutrients from the earth. In 2012, Sandy caused seawater levels to surge, leaving swaths of ghost forests in its wake.

“Maya brings her vision as an artist and her work as an environmental activist to this project,” says Brooke Kamin Rapaport, the deputy director and chief curator of Madison Square Park Conservancy, the project’s organizing body. “She wanted to focus on nature and on the environment. Where she lives in Colorado [there] are vast stands of trees that have died off due to insects that are thriving in warmer climes.” By moving an East Coast ghost forest into a vibrant, living park, Lin wants to send “a powerful reminder of the ravages of climate change,” Rapaport says.""

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