The Guerrilla Girls and the "HORROR ON THE NATIONAL MALL!" Favorite 



Apr 22 2007


Washington DC

“The Washington Post” asked the Guerrilla Girls to create a full page for their section on feminism and art, which was published on April 22, 2007. The Guerrilla Girls’ page contains an image of a fake tabloid, called “NOT OK! The Guerrilla Girls’ Scandal Rag,”. The tabloid’s cover features a sensational headline and some statistics, which highlight the fact that national museums rarely feature female artists and artists of color. After the Guerrilla Girls’ page was published in “The Washington Post,” The National Gallery suddenly installed a sculpture that had been created by an artist of color. Additionally, the Hirshhorn Museum began to display works by women and artists of color. In other words, the Guerrilla Girls’ fake tabloid pressured national museums into giving prominence to marginalized artists. According to the Guerrilla Girls, they want to “keep up the pressure”.

For those of you who are new to the Guerrilla Girls, this is how the anonymous group of women describes itself: “The Guerrilla Girls have for over 20 years used provocative text, visuals, and humor in the service of feminism and social change -- in the visual arts and beyond”.

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