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Oct 19 2019



Hate hunting? Want to do something creative to protect wildlife and affect positive change? The Hunter's Poppet is a witch-craftivism intervention, free to use and share. A 'poppet' is a ritual object made to represent a human figure, charged with a specific intention. This set of instructions with images guides you in making your own poppet to place safely in an outdoor area. The intention of the Hunter's Poppet is to energetically alter the intentions of those who support or participate in hunting for pleasure or profit. It has been designed to be placed in public areas where organised 'leisure' shoots take place – to subtly disrupt and transform the core ideas, habits and beliefs that sustain such cruel and violent performances of species dominance.

You can find the instructions here:

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It has been made by writer and artist Rebecca Sharp:
Alongside her core practice as a writer, Rebecca practices witch-craftivism and tarot, which have both informed this project.

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How does this project help?

Timeframe For change

To end the practice of hunting for pleasure and profit, which is cruel and unnecessary. The intention is that once placed in an area where hunting like this is known to take place, an individual participating in hunting will see the poppet and will stop in their tracks - at least becoming curious or confused as to the object's meaning; perhaps even becoming unsettled by its presence. The hope is that this feeling stays with them and gets under their skin - to the point where their usual patterns of thinking are disrupted for long enough that new thoughts and feelings can come in. Namely, for them to question their actions and choose NOT to participate in hunting again. Longer-term, the intention is to repair in these individuals the broken connection between human and non-human, human and natural environment - a breakage that makes such cruelty possible in the first place. For the activist/maker, the intention is to empower them to take safe and albeit subtle action in their own environments, against people and a movement that operates by dominance and intimidation. The activist/maker will also feel a renewed connection to non-human and the natural environment, by standing up for those without a voice. The longest term goal is to create such a shift of mindset and core values that hunting practices, animal cruelty and species dominance become unthinkable to humans - and that legislation around the world upholds these values to the strongest degree.


In one area where a Hunter's Poppet was placed, within a year hunting activities were stopped by the landowner. There are always new areas to go to with the Poppets, so it doesn't stop there. The effectiveness of the Hunter's Poppet is by its nature subtle, subliminal, magickal - so the direct results are hard to pin down. It might work on a very surface level - someone sees the Poppet, gets spooked and quietly questions their entire mindset about hunting, decides not to do it again. Maybe they tell their friends. Brilliant! Or else we can choose to believe that the Poppets are working their magic more subtly than that, affecting (positively) the energy of an area, the people that go there and the things they do. So it might take a while to see results. Do the work, then trust the Poppets to do theirs.