I Will What I Want 1 Favorite 



Jun 30 2014


United States

I Will What I Want is a campaign launched by Under Armour which speaks to women who do not wait for permission or affirmation in order to go after what they want. The campaign highlights various models and athletes who encourage women to tune out society's standards and pursue their dreams. The campaign began by highlighting Misty Copeland, a soloist at the American Ballet Theater. As a child, Misty began practicing ballet in a gymnasium at the Boys and Girls Club. Her instructor and peers told her that she was too curvy and colored to become a trained, professional ballerina. As others should strive to do, Misty followed her ambitions and is living out her dreams. Under Armour similarly highlights other athletes such as Kelley O'Hara, Lindsey Vonn, Brianna Cope, Sloane Stephens, Natalie Uhling, and Natasha Hastings.

Arguably their most effective campaign features Gisele Bundchen. Under Armor features her story of her independent travel from Brazil, and her struggle to succeed in the model industry. Under Armour released a video campaign of a different side of Gisele- working out. As the video plays, a stream of social media comments are displayed in real time, both positive and negative. This video emphasizes the idea that despite the ideas of others and society, you must remain strong and true to yourself.

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