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Feb 8 2015



Typical mediums of street art include spray paint, stickers and stencils. But mobilized digital media projection has become the latest tool in some activist's artilleries. Vanguards of this innovative technique include members of The Illuminator project. Created in March 2012, The Illuminator is a cargo van equipped with audio and video projection capabilities. It is a tactical media project with the ability to transform private space into public theater. Their mission as activists is "to smash the myths of the information industry and shine a light on the urgent issues of our time." The project first gained notoriety for its presence during Occupy Wall Street in 2012. Typically, the collective casts information regarding economic inequality and climate change on the sides of buildings and similar spaces. It provides an interesting engagement of public vs private space, challenging the hegemonic dominance of advertisements. As an ephemeral communicative form, light projection leaves no trace after the messages are been transmitted. However, spearheads of the project were arrested by the NYPD for a climate demonstration staged at the Met in 2014. For more photos and information about The Illuminator, follow the link below.

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