The Indebted States of America Favorite 



Nov 2 2011


Belfast, Maine

With past government shut downs and teetering the fiscal cliff, debt
ceiling now eliminated, credit line increase after credit line
increase? I thought my timely art piece may be interesting for your
viewers and spark healthy/heated discussion.

Attached: My recent work attached "Indebted States of America" - 2012.
Paint, the 50 state quarters and 169 of my "own" personal credit cards
collected over the last 23 years, framed in gold leaf.

It speaks to the marketing of "Big Banks" to indebt Americans with
bait and switch tactics and easy/free money. The last 30 years of
credit card/debt marketing has fueled the economic boom, collapse and
enslavement of millions.

After 16 years working for Bank of America as a cog in the debt
machine, I was tossed out (headcount reduction) in 2008 during the financial crisis...thank god, released from the corporate prison. I'm trying to do my part with art to give back. My goal with this piece has been to help folks
rethink credit and make smarter choices when choosing debt over
patience, priority or being creative and making do with what they

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