Oct 9 2009



The Battle for Healthcare

Agitpop joined Dawn Smith and in taking on Dawn’s insurer to get the care she needs and reform our broken health care system. They traveled from Atlanta to Philidelphia to share her story and bring the voice of thousands of American’s to Cigna’s doorstep.

Their website, was a key component of the campaign, produced within 48 hours as the campaign began. The site brought Dawn’s story to the world, and allowed thousands of others to join their voice in her fight.

They aggregated news media stories, social media posts and an online petition to amplify the groundswell of support for Dawn in her fight with Cigna. As we traveled, the site featured a constantly updated map tracking their progress, and turned around daily video updates on each campaign stop. demonstrates their quick turn-around and integrated multi-platform strategy. They design the right web tools for the job, using lightweight, fast moving technology.

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