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Mar 6 2014


USA and Online

"Many people have criticized Barbie dolls for their unrealistic proportions, claiming that they give young girls a warped idea of what beauty should be. To tackle this problem, Nikolay Lamm created digital visualizations of a regular-sized “Barbie” doll, hoping to promote realistic beauty standards.

Lamm took the measurements of the average American woman, transferring them to his digital visualization. Since its debut, his project has received a positive response and the artist is now crowdfunding to realize the project.

The doll, “Lammily”, is a 19-year-old American woman with brown hair and minimal make-up. Her wardrobe is simple as well, and she is meant to endorse a healthy lifestyle.

Lammily is more flexible than Barbie as she has “articulated wrists, knees, elbows, and feet”. Her feet actually touch the ground and she can be posed in a variety of ways, making her more interactive than the original doll.

Lamm has also enlisted the help of Robert Rambeau, the former Vice President of Manufacturing at Mattel, to help source for a manufacturer to make these dolls. Those who wish to support the artist can help by funding his project—he has already reached more than half of the US$95,000 goal.

What do you think of this doll? "

By Thia Shi Min, 06 Mar 2014

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