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Sep 1 2003


Badger & Winters, Austria

In September 2003 the news went out nationwide: Karlsplatz, one of Vienna's main squares, is soon to be renamed Nikeplatz. Apart from the new name, it appears that a huge monument in the shape of Nike's famous "Swoosh" logo will be built in Nikeplatz. Needless to say, it is all fake. The one-month campaign provoked the reactions of Vienna's citizens, city officials and, of course, the Nike group, which has denied any involvement and starts legal action to put an end to this bizarre performance. This almost unbelievable prank is the work of the artist duo known as 0100101110101101.ORG, who this time have tricked an entire city: Vienna.

The artist described their intention with the project as follows: "For this work we wanted to use the entire city as a stage for a huge urban performance, a sort of theatre show for an unaware audience/cast. We wanted to produce a collective hallucination capable of altering people's perception of the city in this total, immersive way."

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