Party #CierraBankia (Shut down Bankia) Favorite 



Jun 4 2012



First cut the banks! In 2012 Bankia declared itself bankrupt and, almost immediately, asked the Government of Spain for €23 billion. The Government accepted, yet that very same week ordered €20,000 million worth of cuts in health and education. It was then that we realized that what they called a crisis was actually a scam. You wouldn’t believe how pissed off we were. So we threw a party, because there is nothing like partying to relieve your anger. We invited a bunch of people, we threw on our prettiest clothes and headed to the nearest branch of Bankia. We waited there in hiding until a customer came in and closed her account. At that moment we burst in by surprise and began celebrating in style. Music, torrents of cava, confetti... The now ex-client left the bank carried aloft on our shoulders: she couldn’t believe it. We made a video of the whole thing and published it on the internet. Within 24 hours it had over 250,000 hits. “Cierra Bankia” (Shut down Bankia) is what we call it, and that's exactly what many people started doing: closing their accounts at Bankia. Some of them, with a party included.

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