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Jan 19 2021



Many girls in China may have seen the advertisements of egg donation as a surrogate, in hospitals, schools, public toilets, shared bikes, ATMs...... They are everywhere and the number of this kind of advertisements is large. Though there are lots of girls who have never seen such advertisements or would never believe in them, there would still be some girls who would dial the numbers on the advertisements. It is necessary to let all girls know that they have to protect and love themselves.

This project called #Protect Girls is inspired by lots of kind-hearted girls on the Internet voluntarily smear these illegal surrogacy egg donation advertisements with their own lipstick or carrying a marker, and leave some text beside the ads, like "love yourself" "protect yourself" "this is illegal"...... After seeing these, 粉打PINKPUNCH decided to make and design stickers that are easy to carry, hard to drop, and can be ripped off without any trace and will not damage the wall (no trouble to the sanitation workers). January 19, 2021, on Chinese social media Weibo, which could be translated as microblog, 粉打PICKPUNCH sent the first post to promote its self-designed "Anti all egg trading" sticker set. As of January 22, 2021, the post had 278 comments, 4,051 reposts and 5,193 thumb ups. Many media outlets, bloggers, and college communities joined in, and 2 million stickers were delivered in three and a half days.

Here are the translation of the slogans of the stickers:
Participants, instigators and organizers shall be punished for the crime of organizing and selling human organs or illegal business operations, and shall be punished by criminal detention, public surveillance, fixed-term imprisonment, fine, confiscation of property and other punishments.
All kinds of egg trading are illegal in China!
Illegal egg donation may occur in such situations as compulsory medication for the whole process of surrogacy and repeated 15-30 punctures with a 30cm puncture needle, which can lead to menopause, ovarian cancer, wound infection, and even infertility, removal of the uterus, organ failure and death.
Don't believe the advertisements!
The consequences of it is unimaginable!
Love Yourself

粉打PINKPUNCH originally expected the number of stickers that would be sold to be 1,000, but it didn't expect the number of people who would join and support the # Protect Girls Project this time. The number of 2 million is 2,000 times what it expected.

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How does this project help?

Timeframe For change

To raise the awareness of Chinese women on anti-surrogacy. More females would be inspired by this campaign since they would get the sense that it is illegal in China to do any egg trade. Women would be united to protect each other and love themselves.


Though many media outlets, bloggers, and college communities joined in, and 2 million stickers were delivered in three and a half days, the effectiveness would still be unclear since there are still a large amount of females in China could not get this kind of massage and women who got chance to see those stickers may have already know the fact that they should protect themselves.