San Fermin and the Fight for Bulls Favorite 



Jul 5 2019


Pamplona, Spain

In 2019 before the annual San Fermin festival 54 protesters from around the world representing AnimaNaturalis and PETA held a demonstration against the cruel sport of bullfighting. The celebration of culture and religion subsequent to the murder and torture of dozens of bulls is the spectacle of San Fermin that draws an army of international tourists to the small city of Pamplona.
In 2019, protestors in Pamplona gathered in the street brandishing signs reading “NO MÁS CORRIDAS DE TORO” (no more bullfights) with bull horns on their heads and fake spears jutting from their backs in representation of the spears banderilleros use to kill bulls for sport. They stood in unison each within the white lines; after chanting the slogan on their signs they all lay down in their respective places. The 54 peoples and 54 depictions of bulls represent
the supposed amount of bulls killed yearly at the San Fermin festival. PETA, which partnered with AnimaNaturalis for the protest, signifies the changing opinion of Spanish society. “From 2008 to 2013, attendance in Spanish arenas fell by 40 percent” (PETA). The growing distaste within Spain for the archaic tradition is palpable and clearly shows the success of education through protest and intervention.
The greatest challenge is changing the minds of an older generation that grew up with bullfighting as part of their culture and even more so, the money it brings. As said by 44-year-old bullfighter Angel Gomez Escorial, " ‘They don't stop to think ... about the economic aspect. Pamplona lives off San Fermin. A lot of locals count on that week to sustain themselves for the rest of the year,’” (Dagher). The work of AnimaNaturalis and PETA is slowly degrading the appeal of bullfighting as they bring its cruelty to light to the international audience, which in turn will slowly bleed dry its financial incentive.

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