Seminar “Human on the Road 2" Favorite 


Jun 14 2015

This was the REX's second debate dedicated to public attitudes towards the institutional treatment of migrants passing through Serbia on their way to Western Europe. Seminar "Human on the Road 2" focused on issues related to some of the negative phenomena happening in Serbian public sphere. In spite of efforts of public administration to organize hosting and passage of migrants in a decent way, different forms of police repression towards them unfortunately had occurred. The seminar also dealt with the analysis of structural reasons behind such practice, about the sensationalistic tabloid media coverage that demonizes migrants and creates a climate of fear among the general public, as well as racist and discriminatory attitudes of some public services and citizens. Contrary to the dominant narratives of migrants as illegals, victims of political regimes, criminals and objects of control and exploitation, the seminar discussed migration as a social movement.

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