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Apr 27 2018

We were ‘Superheroes’ and had fun, colourful, engaging activities which had a high visual impact with a purpose to engage the head, hand and heart. We believe that everyone has superpowers within and they just need to be released but that all superheroes need a rest in order be at their best for themselves and others.

We had a superhero cut out for people to be photographed as a superhero (Hand) and to leave positive inspirational messages (Head, Hand) for the other heroes of the world. We had bunting(Head), sunflowers seeds(Head, Hand, Heart) and red heart badges(Head, Hand, Heart) with positive affirmations to read, reflect upon and to take away to grow positivity . We offered free hugs (Heart, Hands), balloons (Heart) and some sweets (Heart) to invite engagement and create a safe space with a sense of fun. We dressed in colourful clothing to attract positive attention and we had lively music (Hands) to add to the atmosphere.

The intention of our street action was to explore mental health and how creative engagement can nurture global citizenship locally and globally. This was accomplished through positive engagement with members of the public and their own sense of global citizenship. Our global message was that before you can be kind to others you must be kind to yourself. We encouraged people to smile, connect with our street action and to ‘pay it forward’ as a means to promote positive mental health, build confidence and develop empathy. In doing so the participants had deeper engagement with their sense of interconnection in the world and sense of global citizenship.

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