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Apr 14 2013


New York City

Special Report from the War on Women

This groundbreaking play will offer an in-depth look at the world as seen through the eyes of women and girls from various cultures and countries. The play will highlight the struggles females face and the dedication and determination shown by United Nations and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) field workers whose efforts go widely unnoticed. The audience will be taken on a lasting journey filled with hope, adversity, joy and humor.

In an intimate theatrical setting, the emotionally stirring narratives will be performed by a cast of professional actors. In what is believed to be the first of its kind, the actors will share the stage with up to three “Guest Readers” comprised of women from all walks of life ranging from the everyday mom to journalists, policy makers, celebrities, and corporate leaders.

Why attempt to address these issues in a theatrical production?

Theatre will allow these stories to be brought to life and experienced on an intimate level in an entertaining way.
Theatre inspires conversation that lives on beyond the curtain call.
Theatre can make an experience personal and move people to action like no other art form.
Good theatre draws in the audience, immerses them in the subject matter, strikes an emotional chord and can change lives.

A Play of Firsts

For the first time, the United Nations Department of Public Information, through its Creative Community Outreach Initiative (CCOI), will team up with a theatrical producer. Through CCOI, the Theatre For Humans’ producers are working with United Nations field offices and specialized agencies around the world to receive expert advice on key issues affecting women and girls, contacts in the region, and guidance while in the field. The Theatre for Humans’ creative team will visit 10 countries throughout Asia, Africa and South America.

This production will speak to the commonality of the problems and that these issues don’t just happen in some remote parts of the world, they also happen in our own backyard. Exploring the possibility for solutions, the play’s primary focus is to bring these important issues to the audience, engage them in conversation and encourage them to take action.

Come experience Nightly News from the War on Women, (working title) and become part of a bold new theatrical production. Become part of a play. Become part of a solution. Join us on our journey as Theatre for Humans gives voice to those whose stories must be told.

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