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Dec 11 2018


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Comic artist Huda Fahmy has been breaking down walls with her hilarious comic "Yes, I'm Hot in This."

In her own words, "What started as my therapeutic way of dealing with the Islamophobia and prejudice I encounter on the daily has now turned into this amazing opportunity to tell the story of the American hijabi."

What's extra special about Fahmy's comics is that while they are typically pretty specific, almost anyone can relate on some level. After a quick rise to popularity on social media she was able to announce one of her first of many passion projects, a compilation of comics in the form of a book.

When speaking to the Daily Vox on the publication of her book, she said.

“Publishing a book was always part of the plan. I felt so passionately about the message my comics deliver – of breaking stereotypes while maintaining a strong sense of self. So, I had really hoped to gain popularity in order to pitch a book idea. I just didn’t realize how quickly it would all happen.
I was truly blessed to have been approached by the publisher first. The entire process of creating the book and getting published took months of work with constant edits and changes. But I was so eager that I stayed up many nights working to make sure I was producing content I could be proud of.
My comics and this book are so important to me. I wish that there had been a book like this out when I was growing up. If there had been a book with a proud, hijab-wearing Muslim woman as the protagonist – it would have made me feel less alone in this society where I’m looked at like I don’t belong. I hope this book resonates with people from every walk of life – and – people see that we all deserve to have our voices heard, be proud of who we are, and laugh at ourselves while still keeping to our identity.”

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