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Jan 12 2013


Sao Paulo, Brazil

A troupe of approximately thirty women and men of various ages, sizes, ethnicities and performance backgrounds marched through the performance art space of SESC-Vila Mariana in Sao Paulo and then through the streets of downtown Sao Paulo, silent, blind folded, dressed in business attire, and covered completely with a gray mud. The performances walked slowly in unison at turtle's pace. At times, the group would disband gradually and each individual performer would approach unsuspecting onlookers. While at first the activist undertones of the performance were unclear, beyond being a visually arresting silent performance, the subtle details of their business suits, heels, suitcases, and buns resonated with images of soot-covered business men and women in New York after September 11th, Japan after the earthquake, and other industrialized areas interrupted by urban trauma. It also spoke to the silent slavery of business in that these suited bodies, irrespective of the mud caked over every crevice of their attire, continued to march on, zombie-like, through the streets of Sao Paulo. This was a great example of performance art where the activism was subtle and left open to interpretation.

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