EVOKE: Can young adults help solve global problems? Favorite 



Mar 1 2010



What happens when a game designer from the Institute of the Future teams up with the World Bank to create a "game for change"? EVOKE is what happens. 

In this "game" players from all over the world are immersed in a narrative (communicated in comic-book like visuals) and prompted to engage in tasks to help tackle some issues. The entire experience took place over 10-weeks and became a case example of using gamification for getting people to engage in behaviors. For example, blog solutions for water filtration, or take pictures of items that are linked to our global waste problems. 

From the Games for Change site, the author states the game allowed players to use, "teamwork and 'powers' to solve problems such as world hunger, empowering women and creating better access to clean water."

The game was able to generate $30k+ in donations. More info here:

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