Female students in Guangzhou protest topless for gender equality 1 Favorite 


Apr 21 2014


Guangzhou, China

Female students from the Guangdong University of Technology in Guangzhou called for equal job opportunities and for people to "pay attention to the value of women" while protesting on the school's campus, shirtless and covered in body paint.

The photos, taken by ogling passersby, have been circulating on Weibo and naturally netizens stand divided on whether the semi-naked protests were empowering or counterproductive...

Netizen Xianditongshen said: This is perfectly normal, there are loads of feminist movements like this going on overseas.

On the other hand, Mr_pqt was appalled, commenting: Girls, what if your parents/relatives/boyfriends saw this photo? How would they feel?

A handful of people who seemed to have missed the point entirely couldn't help but make reference to this woman's breast.

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