Fur in Madrid: Controversy and Critique Favorite 



Jan 21 2020


Madrid, Madrid Spain

During a cold January morning in 2020, Animanaturalis, a nonprofit group focused on ending the suffering of animals across Spain and Latin America gathered to protest the use, production, and sale of fur in Spain. In a blog post on their website, the group discusses the horrid living conditions on fur farms as well as statistics and alternatives related to fur sales (Animanaturalis, n.d.).

This image of artistic activism shows the group fighting against the use of furs, with a sign that reads “Cuantas vidas para un Abrigo?” The sign asks how many lives are worth one coat and is held by a nude woman covered in “blood” with other nude people covered in “blood” laying behind her. The manner in which the bodies are clumped together is meant to represent how the animals are left once their fur is torn off (Animanaturalis, 2020). A total of 50 members of the organization participated in this demonstration on a cold Madrid morning. A cold morning was most likely chosen as fur coats are associated with warmth, which is starkly different from how the demonstrators would be feeling while nude. The group is drawing a parallel between an animal’s fur and the clothes that we use to stay warm as both are the individual’s protection from the elements. Furthermore, it is also important to note that this action took place outside of department stores on Preciados Street, which are prominent sellers of furs and other forms of animal skins. Being situated in front of these stores was important as not only is it a popular site in general, but it calls attention to those stores and deters people from buying furs from those locations.

The group, AnimaNaturalis, not only aimed to raise awareness of the hidden suffering of the animals in the industry, but to urge for Spanish legislation to ban fur farms across the country and in news reports highlighted several EU countries that have already taken action. Although the fashion item is not as popular as it used to be due to its association with animal cruelty and the surge in animal rights movements, it still maintains relevance with help from advocate organizations. Groups such as the Spanish Fur Association promote the use of furs in the fashion industry and advocate for the industry in Spain (Spanish Fur Association, n.d.). This goes to show, although there are groups voicing their thoughts against the use and production of fur to the people and the government, there are groups that although less visible, take the opposite approach.

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