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May 7 2012


United Arab Emirates

Green Map UAE is a place to pin, share, and quite literally, map out locations or events that are unique ecologically, culturally and considered civic resources near home or while traveling within the UAE. This portal, apart of a larger mapmaking community across more than 63 countries, uses the same tools and mapping widgets as the major Green Maps projects in the United States and Europe.

Green Map UAE not only identities pockets of arts, culture and sustainable development in our community but locates entities that create a space for these activities and dialogue across the country.

We are proud to introduce such a unique project where we can recognize the independence, the conscience and the value of consciousness towards our quality of life in the UAE.

Established in New York City in 1995, Green Map® System has engaged over 800 communities in 63 countries in mapping green living, nature and culture.

Using adaptable tools and award-winning iconography, Green Map® System promotes inclusive participation in sustainable community development worldwide, using mapmaking as the medium.

Green Map® System supports locally-led Green Map projects around the world as they create perspective-changing community projects which promote conscious living. Mapmaking teams pair Green Map® System's adaptable tools and iconography with local knowledge and leadership as they chart green living, ecological, social and cultural resources.

There are over 500 unique print Green Maps to date, with another 200 online-based interactive Open Green Maps.

Adopting countries include: Brazil, China, Denmark, Indonesia, Switzerland, USA, Australia, South Africa, Thailand, France, UK, Lebanon, Cameroon, Greece, India, Malaysia and now the United Arab Emirates.

Green Map aims to:

Strengthen local-global sustainability networks
Expand the demand for healthier, greener choices
Help successful initiatives spread to even more communities

Green Map® System is the gathering point for both the makers and users of Green Maps, and offers inspiration to everyone interested in a sustainable future.

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