International Day for Animals in Laboratories Favorite 



Apr 23 2012


On April 23rd, in commemoration of the International Day for Animals in Laboratories, Animal Equality's activists in Rome, Madrid, Barcelona and many other cities across Europe carried out demonstrations against animal testing. 

In Rome, two flash mobs formed to protest in front of the "Instituto della sanità" and " Instituto della salute". The buildings became symbolic cemeteries with dozens of crosses, one for each animal who dies for animal experimentation.

In Madrid and Santa Feliu de Codines, activists came together in a march to remember the billions of victims who are killed every year for animal experimentation.

In Barcelona, activists protested in front of the "Parc de Recerca Biomedica" carrying out a very visual demonstration against animal testing. The activists impersonated the victims of animal experimentation that suffer torture and death every day.
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