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Feb 26 2005



To change Bostwana’s regional misconceptions about HIV, Kesego Basha-Muebli, founded the Miss HIV stigma free pageant. A pageant designed for women who are currently receiving health and wellness counseling and HIV antiretroviral treatment to come out to their friends and family as being HIV positive.

The social taboos associated with HIV in this region make it a difficult subject for communities to talk about. The Miss HIV Stigma Free pageant is life-saving for this reason. No matter what place you take in the pageant among, you become an ambassador to help your community talk openly about HIV, and therefore educate others on how to remain HIV free and get treatment if you are positive.
Before a woman participates in a pageant event, she receives support from her peers at her place of treatment and/or counseling. During her tenure she learns how to tell her friends and family that she is HIV positive through the pageant. The events include drama and dance performances, and a runway show filled with breathtaking models.

The winner will receive a scholarship and monthly stipend, and will spend the next year travelling across Botswana and Africa, working on projects to break down the fear and prejudice around HIV/Aids.

-text from globalcitizen.org & news.bbc.co.uk

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