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Apr 13 2017

Notice Nature was a public engagement action undertaken by participants in the Erasmus+ funded training 'Creativity and Change: Empathy 2 Action - nurturing response-able global citizens' which took place in Cork from 8th - 13th April 2017. The team members were Marie-Michele Tessier, Aoife Dare, Ann Foulds, Zsofi Toth and Claire Faithorn. The goal of this action was to engage the public in reflecting on their connection with nature and on how local appreciation and daily actions impact globally on the well being of our planet.

We based our action on the following 5 design principles:
• We wanted it to be simple,
• We wanted it to make people feel good
• We wanted to stimulate people’s curiosity
• We wanted to allow people to contribute
• We wanted it to be be sensitive to people's needs

Keeping these elements in mind, we situated our action in a local park and focused on 3 main elements.

We set up stations throughout the park to facilitate the public to pause, engage and reflect in and on nature. These stations included chalkboards asking people to 'stop and look up', 'smell the flowers'. They also included interesting facts and stories from nature - for example, a sign with a story about magnolia trees under the magnolia tree.

We invited the public to share, verbally or in writing, memories or stories they had of being in or experiencing nature. These were then hung on a line between two trees.

We set up a board describing positive actions being taken to combat climate and change, and invited the public to contribute their own ideas.

By creating stations around the park, we allowed the public to wander, take time, notice and also learn about the nature surrounding them in their every day. Some people felt drawn to speaking to us about their time in the park and why they were there. Others shared positive experiences on the leaves we provided. We were available to the public for chats, but also leaving them space to admire, relax and be on their own with the elements of our action. That was one of our main design principles: Create the environment and attitudes that people need and want when out in nature.

We achieved the following:
- Deep connections with individuals
- Highlighting positive aspects of the park
- Arouse curiosity in children and provide opportunities for play
- Providing positive experiences in nature
- Showing that our connection with nature can be simple and yet profound in the everyday…we don’t need to be going out of our way.

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