Occu-bot 1 Favorite 



Dec 21 2011


New York NY

Occu-bot can protest in places that human civil disobedience is not allowed, and it can
also replace human protesters.

Management-bot, also known as the Financier, is a walking robot that accompanies the Occu-bot. It is made of two stepper motors running on H-Bridge and an Arduino microcontroller. It’s characteristics involve being able to move forward and backward, and moving one feet forward while moving the other one backward. It is fully programmable and can take other sensor inputs. It’s motto is ‘Management desires Management of Managements.’ Barking-bot is a megaphone dog that confronts the Occu-bot and protects the Management-bot. It is made of a megaphone, amplifier and an mp3 player. It’s body is made of found wood and wheels. Barkingbot is not able to make noise in the public space according to New York law, but it can still serve and protect Management-bot.

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