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Feb 17 2013



All those who practice surfing know firsthand the serious problem our beaches face: pollution. While some only complain, others do something about it. Two Brazilian surfers decided they could help raise public awareness of the need to protect nature of the proliferation of plastics used in the oceans through a novel idea: create surfboards plastic bottles.

This project, known as "Projeto Prancha Ecológica", launched in 2007 through the initiative of Jairo Lumertz and Carolina Scorsin, aims to create good environmental habits among Brazilian children, uniting the practice of a sport so connected to the nature as surfing with environmental education. The project has been extended since then throughout the Brazilian coast.

The way to unite surf board and environmental education has been by making surfboards with two liter bottles of plastic that were collected on the beach. The bottles are treated with dry ice to give buoyancy and strength and are then joined with glue and PVC tubes. For each surfboard, between 40 and 50 bottles are used.

Now the project aims to extend beyond Brazilian borders. Hopefully soon we see children surfing on our beaches with these surfboards. Fun is guaranteed and, incidentally, keep our waters clean.

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