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Feb 28 2014


Multiple China

The action art performance themed "War on smog, we are taking action" was held by some environmental activists and volunteers on the commercial center and famous tourist spot Yangren Jie (Foreigners’ Street) in Nanan district, Chongqing municipality in Southwest China on Friday, Febuary 28.

Through action art performance and all wearing a face mask, the activists and volunteers that consist of artists, city sanitary workers, ordinary employees and shop owners that work on the Foreigners’ Street called on the entire nation to take concrete action against smog and air pollution.

Slogans the environmentalists held read "We do not advocate working hard in smog", "Do not let cities shrouded in smog look like appearing in mirage", "Take actions for blue sky and say goodbye to PM2.5", and the like.

Some of the actions ordinary citizens should take, as advocated by the Chongqing environmentalists, are to eat less barbecue, and not to litter on streets.

This week, the National Meteorological Center issued a yellow alert—the second highest—for heavy smog that's persisted several days and has come to be dubbed a "Nuclear Winter".

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