WILD: Act I - Ballet + Criminal Justice Reform 4 Favorite 



Mar 16 2021


New York

"WILD: Act I" is a film demonstrating the power of creativity in constraint. Using moving choreography performed by Elijah Lancaster and vivid imagery displayed on three walls in a mock cell, Jeremy McQueen gives voice to young Black and Brown men caught in the criminal 'justice' system. McQueen wanted to capture the abuse and isolation that come with incarceration and juxtaposing that with youthful, imaginative dream scenes inspired by Maurice Sendak's "Where The Wild Things Are," a reminder that incarcerated youth are, indeed, children with children's dreams.

"WILD: Act 1" is the second installment of a groundbreaking new four-part dance film from McQueen's Black Iris Project exploring systemic racism and injustices through the real-life accounts of youth embroiled in the justice system.

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