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May 10 2012


By Loredana Loy

Written and directed by Denis Hennelly, Bold Native is the story of Charlie (Joaquin Pastor), an animal liberation activist who travels around the country recruiting other activists for a nation-wide series of animal liberation operations.  The magnitude, coordination, and timing of these operations are meant to make a landmark statement for the movement.  In the meantime, Charlie’s father (Randolph Mantooth), a prominent figure in a fast food conglomerate, receives a visit from the FBI informing him that his son has been labeled a domestic terrorist according to the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act.  

The 1992 movie Malcolm X reminded audiences that that the struggles of the African American people are far from history through the insertion of scenes from the Rodney King police brutality video.  In a similar manner, Bold Native intercuts real footage from animal exploitation enterprises into the fictional narrative and it does so without an overbearing effect on the viewer.  The movie prompts questions regarding the use of violence in a social movement and it highlights the hypocritical tandem between the condemnation of violence against property and the socially sanctioned violence perpetrated against nonhuman animals.  

The forces that shape cinema are highly restrictive, as box office and Hollywood ideologies continue to dominate the moviegoers’ experience.  Through its honesty, courage, and integrity Bold Native represents a movement manifesto.  Its message is at the forefront of the animal liberation movement. 

Bold Native scores high on the entertainment factor.  The actors deliver passionate and solid performances and the soundtrack is outstanding.  Screenings are being held at universities and activist centers both nationally and internationally.  The movie is available for purchase on DVD at .  
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