Maya Lin's Eco-Art at Pace Gallery Favorite 



May 6 2013


New York

Artist Maya Lin first burst onto the scene in 1981, when her design was selected for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial while she was still a senior at Yale. Since then, Lin has turned her focus to environmental issues, with her most recent show at Pace Gallery investigating Manhattan’s landscape and environmental history.

Largely inspired by the spectacular consequences of Hurricane Sandy, much of Lin’s work is concerned with waterways and urban flooding. She also puts a spotlight on endangered species, using a space in the exhibit to promote her website, which features an interactive map that shows visitors where now-endangered species and habitats were once abundant.

While the Pace show may not include any explicitly political material, Lin’s intent to spark action is palpable. “It’s not just that we need to change behavior,” said Lin, “Legislation has to happen. Government has to be behind it.”

“Here and There” is on view at Pace Gallery until June 22.

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