Staten Island Saves Pouch Camp for Preservation 1 Favorite 


Dec 11 2013


Staten Island, New York

After decades of fighting to preserve many of the old woods of Staten Island and years of fighting for the preservation of Pouch Camp, the Boy Scout camp and 100 wooded acres in the middle of the Greenbelt is officially saved!!

As stated in the attached article, "Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced the approval of a conservation plan for the William H. Pouch Scout Camp on Staten Island. New York State is providing $6 million through the Environmental Protection Fund (EPF) for phases 2 and 3 of the conservation plan. These phases were approved this week by the Board of Directors of the Greater New York Councils (GNYC) of the Boy Scouts of America, which owns the property...

The Boy Scouts of America has utilized Pouch Camp for more than 60 years as a site for outdoor recreation and education. Pouch Camp also serves as a haven for local wildlife and the natural environment. The purpose of the conservation easement is to preserve and guarantee that the property will remain undeveloped for anything other than a recreational camp in the future. The Boy Scouts will continue to own and maintain the property, while the public will be given certain recreational rights on the property throughout the year, including hiking and fishing, as well as a permanent trail along the eastern side of the property that connects two sections of the Greenbelt."

When you stand up for what you believe in and work really hard, you can save wildlife areas in your community!!!!

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