52 Shades of Greed: An Illustrated Education Favorite 


Sep 4 2012


NYC, Online

After being contacted by a member of the Occupy Wall Street Alternative Banking group , illustrator Marc Scheff agreed to do a few drawings for a deck of cards depicting some of the people and institutions responsible for causing the Great Recession.

“52 Shades of Greed is a deck of playing cards bearing illustrations of the people and financial institutions whose lust for money took the rest of us for a ride toward economic collapse,” explains the Alt Banking Group at Occupy Wall Street, a close collaborator on the project.

The project hopes to shed light on the "dark alley affairs" of those people and companies depicted, which includes Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, Ina Drew, former CIO of JPMorgan Chase, and AIG.

You can purchase your own deck at http://www.rockethub.com/projects/10224-52-shades-of-greed

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